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Wilderness Survival Skills You Need to Know

Before technology, evolution and discovery of fire by man, life was tough and only the strong managed to survive the harsh conditions. Today chances of survival are relatively higher than the stone age. This has made many people complacent making it hard for them to survive in the wild without any help. Below are some important skills that could help you survive in the wilderness.

1. Being very observant to the surrounding environment

In the wilderness there are a lot of things both good and harmful, ignorance only reduces chances of survival. Being observant helps you pay attention to the surrounding, this helps you to identify what is harmful and what will help you survive in the wilderness.

2. Building shelter

Building a simple shelter from available resources such as trees and branches could increase chances of survival in the wilderness and protect you from harsh weather conditions in the wilderness and wild animals. Caves are also a good shelter but they can turn to be very dangerous and proper examination of the cave before sheltering in it is very important.  Here is how to build a basic shelter.

3. Making fire

Fire was the most important discovery by man, in the wilderness having fire could increase chances of surviving because it provides heat and helps in cooking food. Fire can also be used to scare away dangerous animals and sending a signal to others in order to get help. Without any lighter or match sticks, fire can be made by striking stones together to create sparks or using friction by rubbing wood together to make fire while in the wilderness . This may sound easy but making fire from nothing isn’t easy and it requires a lot of patience but when done right it is achievable.

4. Finding and storing water

Water is life and finding water and storing it properly is a very important part of survival in the wilderness, proper usage to avoid wastage is important too.

5. Making security and hunting tools

Just like making a shelter tools can also be made from basic and available resources such as stones or even strong tree branches. These tools can be used for hunting of game for food or protection when there is need.

6. Finding food

Hunting game is a good source of food in the wilderness but it requires good planning and patience when looking for game. Game can be hunted by ambushing or making a trap for the game. When hunting a lot of caution should be taken to avoid any injuries or even meeting with more dangerous creatures. However if hunting doesn’t work out, finding edible plants and fruits is also a good option, this should also be done cautiously to avoid eating poisonous plants.

7. Navigation

The sun is the largest compass in the world and can be used to find directions during the day and during the night the sky and stars could also help in showing the direction. However major landmarks such as hills rivers or lakes could help in navigation.

8. First aid skills

In the wilderness anything is possible and chances of meeting harm is relatively high. Having basic first aid skills such as knowing how to take care of a wound and preventing infections could help prevent death and increase chances of surviving in the wilderness.

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